things I want to do this summer

So, I was inspired by my friend Jessica’s ongoing lists and decided to do this as well. Summer may be nearly half over (crazy!), but as the old adage goes- well- you know.

get healthy
get up to date and ahead on work
find (and keep!) a housekeeping routine
become a whole, functioning member of society

take my kids to the zoo
Lang family vacation in Colorado
organize/ scrapbook Peyton’s things
consider the possibility that Tom Bombadil is actually the Doctor…

finish third draft of my book
have a book editing fest!
start sending my manuscript to agents

blog daily
pantsing my fantasy/sci-fi novel- the Silent
having a pantsing fest

learn to bake biscuits from scratch
grow a pineapple plant

To watch
the rest of veronica mars series three
the veronica mars movie
A Room with a View
The Odd Couple
The African Queen

To read
Kite Runner
Irresistable Revolution

That’s all for now. I’ll try to keep adding and crossing off things as I go! What are you doing this summer?

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